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We want to ensure you have all the neccessary information you need to prepare for your hunt…

Your trip will consist of two hunts a day (morning and evening shoot) for each day you are here, and one hunt (morning only) the final day of your hunt.

Each day begins about 2 hours before the sun rises. Snacks, coffee and quick breakfast options will be available before we leave.  You will be loaded in a truck with your guide and transported to a world-class, pre-scouted field or pond. Our professional guides and you will set decoys and blinds in the field. Usually finishing the setup 15-30min before opening light. The next is a whole lot of shooting!

After your shoot you will be picked up and transported back to camp. A big brunch and a nap usually follow. We then leave to another pre-scouted field for an evening shoot. Again, a lot of shooting. 

Finally, you will be picked up and transported back to camp for an amazing supper from our world-class chef. After supper it is time to put your feet up and relax before you sleep and do it all again tomorrow!


  • Passport (essential)
  • Field bag for shells etc. 
  • Bringing Own Gun – Pack pre-approved Non-Resident Firearms Declaration Form RCMP GRC 5589 in your carry-on bag (essential) 
  • Bringing Own Gun – Shotgun, chokes (essential) 
  • Bringing Own Gun – Locking Gun Case for airline travel 
  • Warm waterproof camo jacket, bibs/coveralls or insulated pants, hat, gloves (essential) 
  • Warm waterproof footwear
  • Undershirts, t-shirts, long sleeved shirts, long underwear, socks to wear in layers for warmth 
  • Shoes for inside lodge & garage (important) 
  • Duck & goose calls 
  • Travel coffee mug 
  • Cell/Tablet, cord, & charger block 
  • If bringing a dog from U.S., bring a certificate of health for dog

A Saskatchewan HAL profile (online profile) will have to be set up prior to arrival. Then the client can pick up their license on their own at Cabelas in Saskatoon. Or, more commonly,  I will purchase the license before hand and bill the client for the license cost.

A form called the “RCMP GRC 5589 Form” will need to be filled out prior to arrival and be presented to the border guard when entering Canada. Below is a link to the required form.

Yes. As per Canadian firearm laws all firearms must be unloaded and transported with a lock preventing the firearm from firing.

We offer a multitude of rental firearms from semi-auto, pump or over-under 12 gauges all the way to pump .410’s for kids. The cost is $50USD/day for firearm rental. No special permits or forms are required for rental firearms.

Saskatoon’s airport is called the Saskatoon International Airport and its airline code is YXE. Most major fly to Saskatoon or connect to Saskatoon through Minneapolis or Calgary. We suggest flying direct from Minneapolis if possible as it seems to have the lease amount of complications.

There are many quality hotels to choose from right outside of the airport. The Hampton Inn and Suites is only a block from the terminal and is clean and affordable. No matter where you choose, we will arrange pickup at any hotel in the city to bring you to camp!

Pickup and dropoff will be pre-arranged well before your arrival. Contact Adam or Dillon in the weeks leading up to your hunt and we can make arrangements for pickup and drop off.

We require a 50% non-refundable deposit the day you book with us. We then will require the remaining 50% of the total 30 days out from your arrival. If we are able to book in another client after your cancellation you will be refunded.

experience the best fowl hunting saskatchewan has to offer..

To Book a Hunt with Fowl Outlaws, please reach out by phone or email. You can also click the ‘Book A Hunt’ button, submit your information and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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